Julie Christie / photo by David Hurn, London, 1966.


Monica Vitti


Jeanne Moreau


Edith Massey and John Waters during the filming of Female Trouble (1974) directed by John Waters - Sourced from the book American Originals: John Waters by John G. Ives

Nicki Minaj for Dazed’s A/W 2014 issue.

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Belle de jour (1967)

As Séverine’s reveries and job demands become stranger and more mysterious—in one daydream, she is pelted with thick black mud by Pierre and Husson, who call her ‘tramp’ and ‘slut’; a ducal client solicits her in the bois de Boulogne to perform in a necrophilic rite—Deneuve retains her porcelain, celestial inscrutability, while simultaneously transforming into an earthbound debauchee, delighting in her own defilement. Madame Anaïs (whose early, shameless flirtation with Séverine—who eventually reciprocates—is the first of the many moments in Deneuve’s filmography that would cement her status as a lesbian icon) touts her new employee’s regal bearing to prospective customers: ‘[She’s] a little shy, perhaps, but a real aristocrat.’

Melissa Anderson, Criterion Collection

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